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Golf Course Overview: Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills | Ballistic Indoor Golf

Updated: May 8

Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Barton Creek Resort & Spa's Fazio Foothills course stands as a shining example of golfing excellence. Designed by the legendary Tom Fazio, this award-winning course offers a challenging yet rewarding experience that showcases the natural beauty and unique terrain of Texas. Let's delve into what makes Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts, and how you can experience this iconic course right here at Ballistic Indoor Golf.

Calgary Indoor Golf
Barton Creek - Fazio Foothills on the E6 Connect

A Closer Look at Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills

Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills is widely regarded as one of the top golf courses in Texas, and for good reason. The course features dramatic elevation changes, stunning views of the surrounding landscape, and a variety of challenging holes that will test even the most seasoned golfer. With its meticulously manicured fairways, challenging greens, and strategic bunkering, Fazio Foothills offers a true test of skill and strategy that will challenge and delight golfers of all levels.

Virtual Experience at Ballistic Indoor Golf

At Ballistic Indoor Golf, we're proud to offer a virtual experience of Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills right here in our indoor golf simulator facility. With over 100 world-class golf courses available, including Fazio Foothills, you can enjoy the thrill of playing this iconic course without leaving Calgary. Including our library of well-known golf courses inside of our indoor golf facility, here are other services we offer:

  • Golf Driving Range: Our state-of-the-art simulators provide realistic ball flight and feedback to help you improve your game. Practice your swing with our driving range designed to help you fine-tune your skills, from driver swings to chipping and putting, and even getting out of sandy bunkers.

  • Fun Mini Games: Test your skills with our engaging mini games, perfect for junior golfers and adults alike. Whether it's closest-to-the-pin contests, long drive challenges, or fun putting games, there's something for everyone to enjoy while experiencing the authentic Ballistic Indoor Golf atmosphere.

What Sets Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills Apart

  • Natural Beauty: Set against the backdrop of Texas Hill Country, Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, lush landscapes, and scenic water features. Each hole is carefully designed to highlight the natural beauty of the area, creating a serene and picturesque setting that enhances the overall golfing experience.

  • Championship Golf: As a host venue for various PGA Tour events and amateur championships, Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills has earned its reputation as a championship-caliber golf course. The course's challenging layout and world-class amenities make it a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike.

  • Luxurious Amenities: In addition to its exceptional golf course, Barton Creek Resort & Spa offers a range of luxurious amenities to enhance your stay. From elegant accommodations and gourmet dining options to a world-class spa and top-notch practice facilities, every aspect of the resort is designed with the guest's comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Conclusion & Ballistic Indoor Golf

Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills offers a golfing experience that is both challenging and rewarding, set against the stunning backdrop of Texas Hill Country. And with Ballistic Indoor Golf, you can experience the thrill and excitement of playing this iconic course right here in Calgary.

Join us at Ballistic Indoor Golf to explore Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills and over 100 other world-class golf courses, perfect your swing with our driving ranges and practice areas, and enjoy fun mini games for golfers of all ages. Book your tee time session today and discover why Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills is a golfing destination that should be on every golfer's bucket list!

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