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Our policy on BYOL & Outside Food/Drinks

Please inform us by checking notice of bringing your own liquor (BYOL) field on our online booking

With notice, $15 per person will apply. Please consider the following terms:

  1. In case of partial group members choosing not to drink, corkage fee per person still applies. (i.e. $30 will apply for two, even when one choose not to drink.)

  2. Corkage fee still applies even when the members decide to purchase alcoholic beverages at our facility.

If you do not provide advanced notice of BYOL, a corkage fee of $25 per person will be applied instead. 

Absolutely no outside beverages and food are allowed. $25 per person penalty will be applied if caught. 

We do have a variety of beer and liquor section. Please click here to view our food and drinks menu.

No-Show / Accountability Policy

If individuals or groups don't show up for their reserved time, a cancellation notification will be sent 30 minutes after the booking was supposed to start.

Ballistic Indoor Golf will not be accountable for any damages or incidents happen to the visitors and/or properties owned by the visitors.

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