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Enjoy our Summer pricing: For 1 person, from $15 per hour | For multiple people, from $25 per hour!
indoor golf calgary

Indoor Golf Calgary

Ballistic Indoor Golf provides 5 private rooms and 5 open bays. Our private rooms and open bays 1 and 2 feature full access, which include the driving range, over 100 worldwide golf courses, and fun mini golf games. Plus an automatic virtual tee up in each rooms and the two open bays. Our open bays 3, 4, and 5 are our driving range only, and does not offer the virtual tee up.

Or Call: 403-276-1872

Let's Get Ballistic!

Discover year-round golfing excitement at Ballistic Indoor Golf, Calgary's premier destination for all-season indoor golf. Featuring the latest Apogee Golf Simulator technology, our facility offers unparalleled realism and accuracy, transporting you straight from the tee box to the fairway. Whether you're aiming for a birdie or honing your swing at our state-of-the-art indoor driving range, Ballistic Indoor Golf promises an unbeatable golfing experience. Book your session now and elevate your game with our top-notch facilities!

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Why Choose Calgary's Ballistic Indoor Golf?
Our indoor golf simulator facility
contains over 100 worldwide courses!

Click on the picture to view the name and information about the golf course.

*Please be aware that our golf course library is regularly updated, resulting in the addition, modification, or removal of golf courses at the indoor golf facility.

Testimonials From Our Guests

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"We have been searching for an indoor golf in Calgary with North American courses to play (lots of options with foreign/fantasy courses but the OB is ridiculous!) that has a good simulator. The service from Ian has been fantastic, the simulators are in great condition and the E6 is easy to use. The whole place is very clean and the prices for golf and food are good! We look forward to visiting here many many times."

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